We’ve officially applied for 2 places in Sydney!! One of them is reaalllllly nice and at such a good price so we offered them a lil extra $$. Hopefully that puts us ahead of the other applicants.

Ahhh I’ll be so happy if this comes off


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Opening day was crazy!! It was super exciting and fast paced and ahh I’m learning so much.

We started the day with a line of 600 people,and from the hours of 10am to 10pm, there was never a time when there weren’t people waiting to get in.

I finished at 11pm and now I need to rest before doing it all over again tomorrow. (: (:

Nah I probably won’t. But I hope other people vote to save him. 

In some other and more Big Brother related news: I might actually vote to say my main man frozen chicken. 

hellshaven said: <3 hope it works out girl, make sure you remember to make yourself happy!

Thank you so much lovely. <3 <3

I’ve got plenty of positive things going on; Sometimes I just get caught up in all of the other things. I know I’ll move through this.

I love my life, but it feels like I’ve been so exhausted (emotionally) for like 3 years now.

Oh wait, it turns out my Grandma had a stoke.

Although it’s sad, at the same time it doesn’t affect me heaps because she has dementia and has been in a care home for the past 8 years. She doesn’t recognise me or my brothers anymore, so I’ve definitely accepted her state and am okay to say goodbye whenever her time comes.

She nearly died last year and my Mum was so upset. She is so confusing and I still don’t understand most of the things she says or does, but I hope she’s doing okay at the moment.


What really gets me is how much of a shit human I can be sometimes. 

I have so, so many great relationships with heaps of people… but there are also a bunch of people that I’ve lost and reflecting on that tonight is making me a bit mournful.

It feels like I’ll never be out of the woods when it comes to this.
Sorry that I’m currently working full time and traveling 5-6 hours a day, so I don’t have time for everybody at the moment. I have commitments to church, uni, and my husband. Working out a balance can be so tough.
I can’t believe I’ve been living out of home for over a year and a half and I still haven’t worked out how to meet my Mum’s expectations.
Things like this make my anxiety flare up so much and it’s hard to make it better.

amindswanderings said: Where is it?

It’s at the Macquarie Centre in Ryde!

we-defy-augury said: Are you gonna be there tomorrow? I might come visit! :)

I’ll be there from 1pm til close! (in the most adorable kids section you’ve ever seen).  <3

The first Sydney H&M opens tomorrow!!

I’m so excited for everyone to see the store and all of the hard work that myself and every other team member has put in over the past few weeks (and months).

It’s gonna be huge!